New Prints ~ 2016 - 2017
2016-2917 have been good years. My art through prints, never predictable, covers abstracts, birds, Southern face jugs, and, of course, tap dancing. I love variety and focus is not one of my strengths! In 2017, I introduced colour in my prints. Wowza!
Arctic Dreams and Mythologies
I have always been both amazed and intrigued with the art of Northern Alaska. Then again, not only the art but the stories behind the art and the Alaskan myths. The imagery is awe-inspiring. I think I caught some of it.
Old Testament
I have been intrigued by the Old Testament and the variety of stories. I have my own take on them. At times, my prints will be very serious and other times rather tongue-in-cheek.
New Testament
Similar to my take on the Old Testament, I appreciate the stories especially the interpretations during the middle ages. Again, serious but also, tongue-in-cheek.
Jonah Series
I love the story of Jonah. Probably, one of the few characters in the Old Testament who was told by God as to what to do . . . and he chose not to! Although a whiner, I think I would have liked him. In addition to my prints, I also created a handmade limited edition book "JONAH REDUX ~ The Book of Jonah According to Jack".
Abram Series
Although an important person in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Abram is a controversial character to me; thus, my prints.
Nudes & Erotica
Not only is the human body beautiful but its depictions can also be fun. So, I did!
Potpourri & Irony
A little of everything. One of my favorite galleries because it is "all over the place".
Brazil & South America
I just love Brazil especially the stories and the sayings!
Western Stuff
The West! Boots, vests, and big hats . . . who cannot love it?
Southwestern Architecture
Southwestern architecture. Historically,originating from the Pueblo Native Americans over a thousand years old; some, however, stylistically only go back to the "Pueblo Revival Movement" of the early 20th century.
Handmade Limited Edition Books
To date, I have produced to two handmade books. "JONAH REDUX ~ The Story of Jonah According to Jack: and "Uncovered",a book of nudes. Jonah was a limited edition of 50; Uncovered" was 30.
Lampiao & Maria Bonita
Lampiao and his girl friend were famous bandits in Northeastern Brazil in the early part of the 20th century. Intriguing, charismatic and cruel, he was perfect for my style of relief printing.
I have always loved fencing. I use to fence both foil and sabre but not well. It was a challenge to create prints about a sport that it so incredibly fast . . . a real freeze frame!
Dolls of the Western Frontier
My dolls are inspired by Native American dolls of the 19th Century. They are handmade of natural hides, vintage fabrics, raw cotton, powdered dyes, beads, bone, etc. Not specific to anyone tribe or Native American group, they are representative of the dolls made for young children to be used as learning tools and loving objects.